Accelerating and Directing Your Personal Growth Through

    Yoga and Meditation

Anger Management

Awakening the Shaman Within

Being Your Own Shaman: Directing Your Own Personal

    Growth Path

Beyond Stress Management: Using Stress To Grow

Burn-Out Prevention and Remedies

Cancer Support for Patients and Families

Couples Yoga (Hatha or Kundalini Style)

Disarming Bullies and Difficult People

Discovering Your Life Purpose

End of Life Issues and Preparation for Patients and Families

Enhancing your Ability to Channel Higher Guidance

Facilitating Spiritual Growth in Your Yoga Classes (for Yoga


Facing Our Fears As A Method of Growth

Freedom From Overeating: Weight Management For A Lifetime

Gentle Yoga for Real People (Self-Paced) (Hatha or Kundalini


Gentle Yoga for Seniors (Hatha or Kundalini Style)

Get Your Needs Met - - Be Assertive!

Grieving and Growing from the Loss of a Loved One

Growing Through Adversity

Growth and Healing Strategies for Women Only!

Healing And Loving Your Inner Child

Healing from Campus Sexual Assault

Healing from Domestic Violence for Individuals and Couples

Healthy Management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Holiday Eating Strategies

Holistic Management of Post Traumatic Syndrome from all

    Types of Traumas

Inner Listening Skills for Living to Your Full Potential

Living to Your Full Potential Using Meditation and Visualization

Loving Communication

Managing Your Stress by Managing Your Life

Meditation and Wellness

Minimizing Workplace Stress and Enhancing Job


Motivating Yourself for a Healthy Lifestyle

Pain Management Without Drugs Through  Yoga and

    Guided Meditation

Pranayama: The Yoga of Breathing

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) for Health and Wellness

Reaching Your Potential Through Holistic Health

Recovery from Childhood Family Violence

Re-Designing Your Life: Creating Your Fantasy Here on Earth

Relaxation Techniques for Your Stressful Lifestyle

Restorative Yoga

Self-Paced Power Yoga (Kundalini Style)

Simple Meditation Techniques for Busy Schedules

Spiritual Exploration (Non-Religious)

Spiritual Principles of Creating Financial Abundance

Spiritual Self-Defense

Stop Smoking

Stress Management for Seniors

Stress Management Through Yoga

The Art of Conscious Loving: Enhancing Your Intimate


The Art of Wish Fulfillment (or Watch What You Wish for

    Because You Will Get It!)

The Psychology of Motivating Your Yoga Students (for Yoga


Thriving - - Not Just Surviving - - Through the Holidays

Transforming Addictive Behaviors into Self-Nurturing Ones

Transforming Holiday Stress into Holiday Joy

Unconditional Love in Promoting Racial, Religious, and Gender


What is Yoga and How Does it Work?

Who Is Taking Care of the Caregiver?

Womens’ Issues -- All Topics that Concern Women 

Yoga as Therapy

Yoga for Bodies with Unique Needs

Yoga for Special Bodies (Hatha or Kundalini Style)

Yoga for Special Populations

Yoga of the Mind: Transform your Life by Transforming your


Yoga Therapy for Personal Growth and Healing

Taiji (Tai Chi) and Shaolin Kung Fu programs are available through Jeff Chen, a certified Chinese Martial Arts instructor.

Programs on other topics may be developed upon request.  Group formats include workshops, courses, discussion groups, and one-hour brown-bag seminars.  Private consultations are offered for individuals, couples, and families as customized wellness programs.

Wellness Programs

Center for Total Wellness®